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Feature Article - Lee Robertson

What does it take to be the best defender in the Super League? "Skills, determination, commitment…and having fun”. That's according to Metro Stars Vice Captain of 4 years and star defender, Lee Robertson. Lee started playing soccer as a 5 year old for Smithfield Plains before playing for Elizabeth Downs at 6 years old. At 13 he began a stint with APAC for 2 years followed by Campbelltown City and Playford. As a 23 year old, Lee took a chance at playing for Scotland team Greenock. He spent 1 year at this professional level; training ever day and playing in front of 2000 people each game. On his return in 2004, Robertson joined the Metro Stars First Team and began leaving his mark as a top defender in the Super League. He is now settled in Adelaide with new wife Samantha and as Vice Captain is leading by example. Lee's story of success is a true example of the power that determination, commitment and skill can have when combined with truly loving what you do as a soccer player. Skills. "Read the play”. Through his experience Lee instinctively plays with an intensity on the field that rivals all others. Further to this he has mastered the ability of ‘reading the game' and knowing his opponents next move. As part of the leadership group for Metro, he feels his responsibilities include passing on these learned skills through setting a good example and encouraging the other players. As Vice Captain also, Lee sees his role is to support the captain, Ivan, give advice and lead as a player. However Lee emphasises that skill often comes with experience but it is the attitude of a player that will see him succeed. Determination. ‘I play to enjoy myself, but I also play to win'. Lee's determined attitude to always play to his best ability has seen him gain a reputation for training as hard as he plays. However, he sees this preparation as just a necessity for a player to keep his edge over his opponent. Acknowledging the high level of players and skill amongst the Super League this season he says, "Every game this season is like a grand final, the league is quite tight”. Commitment."never give up and take opportunities when they present themselves”. Beginning the season as champions, Robertson recognises "It is a challenge to live up to the standard Metro set for itself last year – we have to keep the bar high”. However, with confidence and commitment to the faith in his team, Lee is quietly confident Metro has a good chance this season, especially as long as the group stays close knit and everyone continues to back each other as they do. Robertson feels that with the mix of players, supporters and committee members at Metro, it makes it a great place to come to and his is fully committed to its success as a club. Fun."To have a laugh while you are working hard keeps you sane and shows how close the team is”. In searching for a trick of the trade on how to maintain the intensity Lee does every game he says it simply comes naturally through the enjoyment he gets from the game. His advice to others is "enjoy yourself – do the hard work when you need to but have fun when you can”. Before the end of our interview Lee adds a special thanks to supporters and the committee for their time, support and generosity in keeping the club going. Perhaps we should add appreciation as one of his qualities for success.

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