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Jake Heads To Barca Academy

Congratulations to Jake Darrell from our U14 JPL team who was recently selected to represent Australia at the upcoming Barça Academy World Cup.

The Barça Academy World Cup is the largest international competition held by BARÇA at the FC Barcelona facilities in Spain during Easter break each year. Between 2000-2500 children are selected from over 50 different Barça academies all over the world, with only the best in each age group then invited to represent their countries.

The tournament will include teams from Spain, Poland, Singapore, Egypt, Dominican Republic, India, Japan, Brazil, Turkey, Peru, USA, Italy, Russia, Australia, Nigeria, Zambia, Canada, China, Switzerland, Colombia, Kuwait and Jordan, plus more.

Some of the major highlights are the presence of international scouts during games, plus the opportunity to be seen by millions of viewers as some of the matches will be live broadcast on Barça TV, with the added chance to meet first team players.

Good luck to Jake!


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