Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars Soccer Academy is an Academy for all levels and ages and has been established since 2007.  It is a vital part of MetroStars junior soccer development that introduces fundamental soccer skills, techniques and concepts of small sided games.  Shooting Stars is a program that introduces junior soccer development and provides young boys and girls of "ages 4 and older" with specific skill training that are essential for their true development into the future higher levels of the sport.

Shooting Stars provides a launching pad into SA's Super league, MetroStars.  Through former Adelaide City National Soccer League player, State League Championship winning Coach Ernie Luongo, Shooting Stars will give young players the edge!

Shooting Stars Soccer Academy has established a stepping stone - a foundation with a program which entails exploration with the ball, ability to control, stop and turn with the ball and the introduction of small sided games.

The Program

The program for these young children will be catered for in three levels: Beginners Stage, Intermediate Stage and Advance Stage.  It’s important that we acknowledge that Shooting Stars players are placed in their age appropriate skilled groups.

Beginners Stage

Balancing, hand eye-foot co-ordination; explore qualities of a rolling ball.  Concentrating on improving individual skills, dribbling, stopping, turning, directional changing and beginning stages with dribbling in straight lines.

The players to feel and acknowledge the touch of a ball at all times.  Experimenting how to stop and go with the ball through game scenarios.  Introduction to Small Sided games.

Intermediate Stage

Extending dribbling skills with angled target zones this will incorporate correctional technique with ball control within dribbling activities.  Experimenting with both feet - left and right, stepping techniques - teaching the child to look up while dribbling the ball.  Passing in twos, follow ball with your eyes, move to get behind and in line with the ball, not to stretch for it.

Advanced Stage

Introduction to warm-up routines, static stretching and the importance of stretching before the commencement of any training or game activity (lower and upper body).  Reviewing and evaluating stretching techniques.  Move to get behind and in line with the flight of ball, withdraw on contact with the ball.  Moving into space and experimenting with tight spaces, where closer contact on the ball is needed.  Recapping the key points of executing drills, turns, pull backs, looking up.  Observing players for recognition of when to turn and when to pull the ball back.  Observing if players look up before playing the ball or not.  To receive and assess speed leading up to the ball, stopping then quickly changing direction and speed.

Each stage has a variety of drills and Small Sided games that will challenge the player to further his or her technique.  At the end of each 10-week block each player will receive a certificate of completion.  Shooting Stars program runs parallel with the 4-terms of a school year - excluding school holidays.

We look forward to seeing your child participate in Adelaide’s most successful soccer development program for all ages and levels.

Be part of MetroStars Shooting Stars Soccer Academy.