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Resilient Kicks

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MetroStars are pleased to announce it has partnered with Resilient Kicks to provide all players, parents, coaches, and volunteers quality care in dealing with mental health and emotional/social challenges.

As part of the partnership, MetroStars will receive education, support, and evidence-based research to deliver deeper insights into what shapes young men and women into leaders and the ability to perform at their best. Often treated as separate elements, Resilient kicks ensures Working Well and Living Well go hand in hand by looking at the whole picture.

In today’s fast-paced, ambiguous, and complex society, MetroStars and Resilient Kicks hope to design and execute wellbeing support plans to achieve a more engaged, productive, sustainable, and inspiring career and lifestyle approach to all involved at our club. Our aim is for this joint programme to support all involved within the club against the stress and strain of continuous change and guard against physical and psychological burn out.

We are excited and honoured to be involved in this partnership, with the program based and operated from our home at TK Shutter Reserve.

Resilient Kicks involves a group of qualified Health Professionals offering exciting and diverse programs and services to help individuals reach their potential and gain resilience in respect to their Psychological, Social and Physical wellbeing. 

Through several programs and specialised services tailored to meet a variety of different needs from different avenues, Resilient Kicks aims to help individuals gain resilience, find self-worth, reach their potential, gain social and emotional capacity, manage psychological conditions, and promote inclusion in respect to their individual difficulties.

Inclusive Football Program with MetroStars

This is an innovative mixture of physical activity and learning of psychological skills to enhance the emotional development/wellbeing and resilience of young people. The program's holistic framework provides opportunities for social inclusion, interpersonal skills, physical wellbeing, and psychological wellbeing all while being a part of a football club and improving football skills taught by experienced MetroStars trainers and Resilient Kicks support workers. 

Inclusive Dance Academy Program

This involves individuals gaining specialised capacity in dance, while meeting social, emotional and physical needs and fostering self-worth, mastery and participation. The program follows the Resilient Kicks holistic principles and psychological theory in an innovative and exciting approach to nurturing child wellbeing through dance.

Art Therapy
This program involves group or individual services delivering therapy through the creative expression of Art and Baking. Services are delivered by qualified professionals focusing on emotional and psychological wellbeing though a therapeutic program of support.

Resilient Psychology 
This service offers Psychological Counselling for clients to receive psychological support in respect to various Mental Health difficulties and develop coping strategies to manage them.

Individual Mentoring and Support Work 
This service offers professional guidance, advocacy, and social/emotional focused one-to-one support for individuals through a variety of avenues.

Just some of the other Specialist Services and Programs include:
-    Incorporation of Focused Psychological Support 
-    Individual Counselling 
-    Life-Coaching 
-    Neuro-Linguistic Programming
-    Hypnotherapy
-    Psycho-Social Assessment
-    Specialised support for Anxiety and Depression
-    Specialised support for Grief and Loss
-    Specialised support dealing with OCD 
-    Specialised support with Sport psychology 
-    Specialised support for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Resilient Kicks will always do their very best to help clients meet their needs and you can rest assured and feel confident in the knowledge that all counselling sessions are confidential.

We at MetroStars hope you can all be as excited as we are to have this great initiative available to all our MetroStars family and community.

For more information, please contact Resilient Kicks at: 
Peter Terminello
ph: 0423053937
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