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Club Vision

1. Nurture and promote a community culture for all members and supporters
                  a) Lobby for member support.
                  b) Engaging in events and activities that promote the club’s image.
                  c) Manage strategic relationships with local stakeholders.

2. Football success at senior level giving preference to home grown talent
                 a) A suitably qualified technical director
                 b) Selection of and the ability to fast track talent, and a transition plan into the senior playing group.

3. Provide a clear player development pathway from grass roots to senior football
                a) A player selection and recruitment strategy for each age group
                b) A structured football curriculum for each age group
                c) Strategic selection of coaches and coaching staff to deliver on football curriculum3

4. Provide quality facilities to pro mote club vision(requires a working party to ...)
               a) Development of a future operating model as a base for facilities planning.
               b) Draft Concept.
               c) Funding and resourcing strategy

5. Ensure financial stability
               a) A comprehensive budget.
               b) Financial controls and authorities & accountabilities in place.
               c) Accurate and regular financials reporting.
               d) A financial plan and revenue strategy

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