Club Structure

An Executive Committee consisting of elected members, overseen by an executive made up of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, administer the

objectives of the Club. 


The Executive Committee meets at least monthly and is responsible for the administration and future planning of the Club. 


The board represents the interests of the entire club and is answerable to the club members at each AGM. 

Executive Committee

President                  Rob Rende
Secretary                  Franco Principe
Treasurer                  Filomena Panfilo
Sponsorship            Adrian Larkin

Grounds, Building   Laurence Head

and Security Manager 

General Member      Peter Terminello

General Member      David Gow

General Member      Vicki Morgillo

Non-Executive Positions

Club Administration

Administration Officer Lewis Panfilo

Media Department

Media Manager      Dimitri Peppas

Marketing Manager   Georgia Gray

Game Day MC        Michael Guiffreda

Seniors Football Manager        Nik Kuzman

Juniors Football Manager        Joe Mastrantuone
Juniors Technical Director       Terry Frangakis
MiniRoo Technical Director      Ernie Luongo


Medical Staff

Physiotherapist      Joseph Polisena

Head Trainer            Patrick Pike

Senior Trainers        Breanna Schultz


A club can not succeed without the tireless help of volunteers. And we believe we have the best and some of the longest serving volunteers in the competition.


Although at times a thankless job, few men and women are still committed to giving and helping each day, each week.


Below are the names of some of our volunteers.

Nick Di Lorenzo
Maria Di Lorenzo
Pino Condina
Vince Condina
Sam Fedele
Deb Laoutaris
Mimi Duric

Lilly Del Medico
Pepe Gargulio
Frank Calipari
Rocky Carbone
George Doufos
Dominic Phillips
Nick Del Medico