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North Eastern MetroStars is a young and progressive football club.

Through sponsorship of North Eastern MetroStars, you will be aligning your business with one of Australia’s most progressive clubs, underpinned by a focus on youth development through the most modern methods.

Established in 1994, the club has experienced rapid growth over a short 20 year history. MetroStars caters for all ages delivering football programs for children from 3 years of age through to senior football,covering grass roots development through to elite level and full competition football.

Our success at all levels of South Australian Football and most recent national success has boosted MetroStars image as one of the most recognised and respected clubs in this state, and a club of choice in the football community.

As a corporate sponsor this opens opportunities for your organisation and MetroStars to work together to build mutually beneficial partnerships to expand your exposure to a network of members, players and supporters across multiple facets of media.

Corporate Sponsorship is a key element to our club’s ability to provide successful and sustainable future. Your support assists MetroStars to meet its financial commitments; to purchase equipment, material and Player apparel; fund various development programs; and to maintain our facilities to the highest possible standard.

For more information on Sponsorship Opportunities with MetroStars please contact:

Adrian Larkin on 0419 825 509 or via email at

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