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25 Year Celebrations postponed

Dear Members, Supporters and Friends,,

Very few of us would know of a time as the one we are currently navigating. The scale of the events we are seeing around the world and in our own city is for many of us, inconceivable.

As a club, once we have traversed this in normality, we are looking to maintain our position as a leading NPL Club known for its junior program development and Finals Contending Senior team.

However, at present, as you are aware, we have had to put our junior development programs and all senior games on hold at present. This year was meant to be a year of celebration of the long-standing history of the club, bringing together the past and present and looking forward to further achievements. Along with our anniversary strip, we had planned a number of initiatives to celebrate our achievements. Unfortunately, we have had to put on hold our celebratory plans at present.

As you may be aware one such event is our Gala 25th Anniversary Dinner scheduled for late June of 2020. Given the current circumstances, we regret to inform you that we have had to postpone this event for now. The management committee is currently investigating options for the event which we are looking to still run as our premier event. Until we are certain of the containment of the current events, we have no official date planned.

We will keep you updated as further information comes to hand. Until then, we trust you will stay safe and stay healthy through this time.

Robert Rende


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