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2023 Indigenous Round Shirt Revealed

MetroStars is excited to announce our Indigenous shirt for this year's annual Indigenous Round match against Croydon FC to be played this Saturday 3 June at TK Shutter Reserve.

Over the past 4 years, MetroStars have ran the Aboriginal Football Academy inconjunction with the South Australian Aboriginal Secondary Training Academy (SAASTA).

The match has been proudly supported over the years by Beyond Bank, MetroStars' Community partner, who have donated the shirts to both clubs.

The design for this year's game was created by South Australian Aboriginal Secondary Training Academy student and MetroStars Under 17A goalkeeper Jack Matteucci.

The meaning of the design was described by Jack.

“The meeting place in the middle represents TK Shutter Reserve with the river going across the shirt, showing the land layout. Warkowodliwodli is the Indigenous name for the land and

is written within the river."

"There are exactly 11 people on the main part of the shirt and 7 on the sleeve which represents the whole team. Additionally, there are 18 shields around TK Shutter

Reserve showing the players defending their home.”

The player of the match will receive the Travis Dodd Medal.

MetroStars vs Croydon FC

Saturday 3 June - 5pm

TK Shutter Reserve, Klemzig



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