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2023 Senior Teams Officials

With the new National Premier League - SA competition only a month away, we confirm all our officials for our senior teams.

Senior Sports Director Nik Kuzman

First Team

Coach Danny Graystone

Assistant Coach Adam Van Dommele

Goalkeeper Coach Michael Rende

Team Manager George Capoccia

Equipment Steward George Laoutaris


Coach Gaz Von Duve

Assistant Coach Shane Pearce

Assistant Coach Liam Allen

Team Manager Kate Dix

Under 18

Coach David Moffa

Assistant Coach Lidio Matto

Assistant Coach Michael Donnelly

Team Manager Franco Principe

All Teams

Physiotherapist Joseph Polisena

Strength & Conditioning Stefan Cali

Trainer Breanna Schultz

Trainer Aidan Scipioni

Trainer Michael Broad


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