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MetroStars and Resilient Kicks Announce Inclusive Football Program

MetroStars in conjunction with Resilient kicks recognise the power of sport to bring people together. We are growing our partnership with Resilient Kicks, and with our football network we are committed to building communities where people of all backgrounds have equal opportunity to participate and belong.

MetroStars has recognised the opportunity to show leadership within the community in the role of going beyond the participation of regular club focused football and embed inclusive practices.

Children with special needs have been unable to participate in football, in so many cases the friendships and family bonds that are created playing football last a lifetime. It’s where families and children from the local area can meet and socialise and unfortunately for families with children with special needs this is difficult. This football program will afford the same opportunities to all children.

Research shows us there is an ever-increasing gap between the health status of a child with special needs compared to one without, and that gap is increasing due largely to Physical inactivity. Physical inactivity for children with special needs can be reduced by providing safe and affordable areas to recreate and stay fit and healthy and what better way to do that than football. By introducing local football as an area of fun and recreation we are effectively opening an area for these families and their children to come and safely access, enjoy and communicate with children who are different in their own unique way.

Sports and recreation clubs make a significant contribution to economic and social capital, and they have traditionally held a unique position in the community as a gathering and facilitation point for physical and community activity.

However, while sports and recreation are a defining characteristic of the Australian identity, modern clubs like ours face complex challenges and they require resources and support to continue to be places where community connection can thrive and grow.

This partnership with Resilient Kicks is the first step in our willingness to enable people from all backgrounds to access the support that is often required to participate in sports and recreational opportunities and broader community life.

We are looking forward to this new chapter in our clubs traditional and culture driven history.

Further details of the program and partnership are available at, or refer to the attached flyer for details and contact details on how to be part of this exciting new inclusive football program.


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