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Getting Started on Stack Team APP

Stack Team App is the platform MetroStars uses to communicate with families, for both team fixtures and club-wide notices.


If you don’t have this application downloaded, you may miss important notifications such last minute training or matches cancellations.

Please download Stack Team App using the instructions below.



Loading Stack Team APP on your Smartphone

1. Download Stacks Team App from the App Store or Google Play

2. Select Find Your Team/Club

3. Search for NE MetroStars Soccer Club 2024

4. Tap the Teams icon or Tap ‘Request to join this team’s app (tap here)’

5. Select your child/children’s team e.g. ‘U14 JSL’

6. Provide membership details – Select Yes

7. Members directory – Select Yes or No (optional)

8. Click Save

9. Select teams for additional children.

10. When your request is approved you will be part of the group and start to receive club news by push notification.

11. Make sure push notifications are enabled on your phone – in settings.

If you have any issues with this process, please discuss with your Team Manager as your first point of contact.

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