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Get To Know - Cooper O'Donnell

We sat down with midfielder Cooper O'Donnell ahead of our league game against Raiders to find out more about him in our Get To Know series.

Q: MetroStars debut?

Against Adelaide City in Round 10, 2019.

Q. What attracted you to playing football?

I wanted to follow in my fathers footsteps of playing football and the older I got, the more I loved it. Also, when I’m on the pitch I’m happy and have nothing else on my mind but to win.

Q. What brought you to Metro?

I needed a change of club and my brother who also plays at Metro suggested making the switch because of the quality the team possesses and how the club treats all as family and are united as one.

Q. How long have you been at Metro?

This is my second year at Metro.

Q. How many years have you played football for, and for what clubs?

I’ve been a bit of a club gypsey but it is what it is! I’ve been playing since I was 4 and it all started at Ingle Farm Soccer Club. From there I went to Adelaide City until under 9s. From there I had a year off and played AFL for Athelstone Raggies. I came back to soccer after that and went to Campbelltown for under 11s and then to Blue Eagles in the under 12s. I then got selected for the Skilleroos program and stayed in the state system for 3 years. From there I went back to Adelaide City and played u18s for 2 years and reserves for another 2 years. That brought me to Metro in 2018 and it was the best move I have ever made in terms of my footballing career.

Q. Biggest influence on your career?

It would have to be my parents. My dad has been a great mentor for me and my mum is my biggest supporter. They will never miss a game and now that me and my brother play in the same team, they are always watching and cheering us both on. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]Q. Do you have any footballing superstitions and a favourite number? I always put my right sock on first. Not sure why just have ever since I was young and it’s sorta stuck. My favourite number is 13 and I consider it my lucky number. Going to try and convince the club to give it to me one day but we will wait and see.

Q. What club do you support and why?

I’ve supported Liverpool ever since I was young and it’s because of Steven Gerard. One of the best to play the game.

Q. Who is your favourite player in the world and why?

Fernando Torres because the man is a beast. A goal scoring machine and can create something out of nothing. In his prime he was one of the best strikers in the world.

Q. Greatest on-field moment? Last year my brother and I played together in the ressies for the first time at Metro and in our football careers. This was a great moment for the both of us and is a moment I will cherish forever.

Q. Who do you love to beat?

Adelaide City because they are my old team and have been a very strong team since they were first established. It’s always a good win.

Q. Who has been your toughest opponent?

Nicholas Bucco

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