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2022 FSA Life Members Announced

MetroStars would like to congratulate Fabian Barbiero, Michael Matricciani, Scott Tunbridge, Joe Barbaro and Brenton Hiern on being inducted into Football South Australia’s Life Membership.

Barbiero joined MetroStars in 2006, and played two seasons for the club before signing for Adelaide United in the A-League. Barbiero re-joined the club in 2014 and is still currently part of our senior team, amassing 225 matches at the club to date.

Matricciani made his senior debut at MetroStars in 2003, playing one season for the club, before re-joining the club in 2008 and played with our club until 2012. Matricanni played 127 matches for the club and scored 77 goals, sitting third on our all time goal scoring list.

Tunbridge joined MetroStars in 2008 and played with our club until 2015. Tunbridge played 170 matches for the club, and is currently our all time goal scorer with 96 goals.

Hiern was Assistant Coach for our First Team during the 2000s.

Barbaro was Assistant Coach for our First Team in 2010.

We would also like to acknowledge Metro United’s current and former players; Vanessa Reed (183 games 2012-2022) and Isabella Scalzi 122 games 2017-current) for also being inducted into the Football South Australia Life Membership.

On behalf of all at MetroStars, congratulations once again on their outstanding achievement.


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