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Important Return to Action information | 29.7.21

Dear Parents, Players and Friends,

As you are aware, now that we have exited lockdown, we are resuming training and competition.

As per the government regulations, there are a number of key requirements we must adhere to so that we can allow your children to play. Please read the following information carefully so that we can all safely return to competitive football.

The 1 Minute Brief – Key points you need to know:

1. Masks are mandatory by caregivers and players when attending the club (players only need to wear them when arriving and leaving)

2. Caregivers must check in on arrival. Players 12 and older should also check in separately using their personal device.

3. Only one caregiver is allowed to attend training and games.

4. You will not be allowed to eat or drink unless you are seated in the clubroom

The Details you need to know:

Players are not required to wear masks while training however when arriving and leaving, players should wear a mask. All caregivers that are staying at the club (or simply walking their child to the training area) do need to wear a mask while at the training grounds (unless you are eating or drinking while seated in the club rooms). Please bring a mask for yourself and your player as we are unable to supply them. We do need to say upfront that if you refuse to assist with the requirements of wearing a mask, you may be asked to leave the venue.

When you arrive at T.K. Shutter, caregivers that are staying or walking their child to their training area do need to also check in. There are several QR codes around the clubrooms to help you check-in and our

friendly Covid Marshalls will also have a QR code to help you check in if required. It is the responsibility of the caregiver to check in. While children under 12 do not need to check in, team managers and

coaches will undertake a role call prior to training, so that we are aware who has attended training. We also ask, where possible, that children 12 and above bring their personal device to training and check in prior to commencement of their session. This can be done through the various stations around the club rooms or via their coach or team manager. We take this opportunity to remind you that Check-in is mandatory as per the recent government announcements.

We know that many families take the opportunity to attend training (and games) to spend time together and support their child however at present this will not be possible. We encourage only 1 caregiver to

attend training (or games) and where possible, to wait in their car during the training (or game). For younger players, caregivers can walk with their child to their training area, however caregivers are asked to then return to their car and wait for training to finish, before returning to collect their player at the end of the session.

During this time, even though we are asking caregivers to wait in their cars, we do want to advise you that our clubroom will be open for a range of beverages. However, in line with government restrictions,

you will need to be seated while drinking or eating. Masks will also be required to be worn in the club rooms unless you are eating or drinking.

We appreciate that for some of our members this may seem to be a burden however we ask you to help not only yourself, but your teammates and the club by adhering to the requirements to ensure a safe and open environment for all our players. There would be nothing worse than to re-enter lockdown and further throwing your child’s development into disarray.

We thank you for your understanding and co-operation. Further information is available at

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to either your team manager, coach or any of your MetroStars committee members.

Yours in Sport,

MetroStars Executive Committee


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