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Match Report: MetroStars 1-0 Adelaide Blue Eagles

Smith leaves MetroStars in strong position for NPL 2021

Winless Blue Eagles were not able to get their season started as they slumped to a 6th straight defeat in the NPL for the 2021 season.

The game started very intensely, and MetroStars dominated the first half. Dylan Smith was able to convert a goal which left the home side up 1-nil, however, the score could have been much more.

Throughout the second half MetroStars continued their dominance however they were unable to finish their chances.

They had multiple scares in the last 20 minutes of the game as the Blue Eagles desperately were searching for a goal.

MetroStars finished with their 2nd win of the season while the Blue Eagles remained at the foot of the table with no points.

This Round 6 fixture between MetroStars and Blue Eagles would be a key match for both as they tried to stake their claim for a spot at the top of the table.

The home side had 1 win and 2 draws, while the Blue Eagles were at the foot of the table with no wins yet in the season.

The MetroStars started the game strong when 5 minutes in they went as close as you can get. A cross came in from the right wing, only for a forward to hit the crossbar from 3 metres away.

MetroStars had all the forward momentum through the start of the game and they had multiple chances.

23 minutes into the game Blue Eagles had their first chance when out of nowhere Kody Maude put in a marvelous cross, but there was desperate defending that kept the ball out of the goal.

32 minutes in MetroStars came super close when Hamish Gow whipped in a gorgeous cross from a free kick, only for a rebound shot to be put over the top of the goal. Agonisingly close for MetroStars.

4 minutes later MetroStars finally got a goal. A cross came in from Rocky Callisto and Dylan Smith was able to put the ball into the back of the net from the back post. 1-nil to MetroStars after 36 minutes.

MetroStars continued the pressure throughout the rest of the half with multiple crosses and through balls causing the visitors some serious problems. Ariath Piol was absolutely dominating the top of the field for the home side.

MetroStars went into halftime up 1-nil, however it very easily could have been 3 or 4 to nil. The home side had 7 shots, 4 of which were on target, as well as 5 dangerous corners. In comparison Blue Eagles had 2 shots, only 1 of which was on target.

Despite MetroStars first half dominance, Blue Eagles began the second half with multiple strong chances. Many of these attacks ended in strong shots, however no goals came of these chances.

Later in the second half MetroStars came close to adding a second goal when Josh Mori shot from the top of the box, and it ended up going centimetres over the crossbar.

The last 15 minutes were highly tense, with Blue Eagles constantly attacking the home side's goal. Despite the constant attack, the home side's defence was too strong and stopped any chances from flourishing.

In the 89th minute Stanisa Velinov caught the defence napping and he found himself with the ball 10 metres out from goal. The only thing that could stop this was a desperate block by the defence, and again it was kept out.

After 6 minutes of added time the referee finally blew the whistle, ending the game and leaving MetroStars with their second win of the season.

Despite the first half statistical dominance, the shot total ended even at 16 each, the away side getting 9 of them on target compared to MetroStars 6.

MetroStars are now in equal 7th position and will next week travel to Adelaide City to take on the red hot side who are sitting in 4th position after the 6 games so far.


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