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Mental Health Awareness Session

This week, at MetroStars will be educating our coaches on the importance of Mental Health Awareness.

The Club has engaged external professional facilitators to conduct this session, and future planned sessions, in an area we feel all coaches assistant coaches and team managers would benefit enormously from.

Now with the hard work of our President Rob Rende, our committee and with the generous support of our sponsors the Club including Foodland, will now be putting on a session tomorrow evening on the importance of Mental Health Awareness for all our Coaches and Team Managers.

The session will discuss Mental Health and it’s implications, what it is and the signs and symptoms to look out for.

It will also provide the tools to help navigate a mental health conversation.

It will provide a guide to be better able to offer help and support for not only the players under our care in a club setting and their families, but also to our friends family and others in our own day to day lives.

Technical Director Terry Frangakis stated:

“I am proud to to be part of this initiative and a Club that continued to work hard to provide our coaches all the necessary tools resources and information in order to make them better equipped to develop the players under their care.”

At MetroStars, we currently run various programs including the Resilient Kicks program which helps players find solutions and strategies for problems and issues off the field.

Further courses on Suicide Prevention Awareness are planned for later in the year. MetroStars is also providing their Technical Directors the opportunity to complete a separate course to become trained in Mental Health First Aid.


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