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Feature Article - David Menechella

Backyard soccer battles between the Menechella boys may have gotten heated when they were younger but now David Menechella would love nothing more than to revive those days and play again in the same team as both his brothers. The three brothers, Daniel, Michael and David all play super league soccer, and while Daniel plays alongside David at Metro, Michael is currently playing for Campbelltown City. The youngest of the brothers, David, has been vice captain for the Metro Stars First Team since 2006 and began playing for the club in 2002. At 12 years old David began to hone his home grown soccer skills at Campbelltown Soccer club and by the age of 16 he was playing in their first team before moving to Metro. David enjoys playing alongside his brothers and his biggest frustration is that as yet, all three boys have not won a championship while all playing together in the same team. He has played in his own share of championship wins however, playing in last years championship and leading the first team for Metro Stars to a championship win in 2004 as captain. But even this was not without disappointment. Only 20 minutes into the game, David snapped the cruciate ligament in his knee and had to watch his team claim the championship title from the sidelines. At the time he did not realise the nature of his injury and, with the help of some numbing spray, was able to walk up on stage and receive the winning trophy for his team. Later that night at the celebrations however, he felt the extent of his injury to the point that his team mates had to carry him to his car and into his bed. This injury in 2004 ironically turned out to be the inspiration David needed to realise his passion for the sport. After the 2004 finals he took a year off to heal and reassess where he wanted to go in his soccer career. "I owe a lot to the club and the players during that time. They stayed in touch and offered their support, letting me know I was missed”, says David. It was during this time that David recognised how much the game meant to him and what he could have lost. He returned in 2006 with a vengeance and committed to making the most of his second chance. In 2008 David went on to win the Best and Fairest award and the Player's Player award, proving he still had a lot to give. In 2009, David was vice captain when Metro once again claimed the championship title and this time he was a major player for the whole game, making up for lost time. David is known for his ability on the pitch to ‘read' the play, which he says comes with experience. ‘There is some strategy involved but it also takes instinct and that just comes with experience”. He also says it is important to keep up match fitness saying that what gives a player influence over others is good old "hard work on the field. Going in physically hard and backing up the other players”. With his dream of playing at super league level with his brothers by his side not yet realised, for the time, David is enjoying the feeling of family that comes from being a part of the Metro group and says he feels members and committee members are more like friends. Extending that ‘homely' feel even further, David has gone to the extent of building a house on Fourth Avenue, Klemzig, almost making the club rooms his backyard. His passion and motivation well and truly regained, he is excited by his squad this season and believes that the club that once restored his faith in the game he loves is capable of going all the way .

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