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Nagamatsu Heads Metro To Victory

Written by Antonis Pangonis

After giving up a golden chance to claim all three points at the Champions’ home ground last week, West Torrens Birkalla welcomed the MetroStars who got back on the winner’s column in Round 8, breaking their streak of negative league results.

Both sides were cagy, desperate to avoid defeat, and the unwillingness to take the game on was evident in both camps. Games like this usually get decided by a single moment of brilliance, this match was no different.

Even though half the Birkalla team surrounded aerial specialist Ren Nagamatsu, when the ball was played into the box from a corner, not one player made an effort to block or compete with him. Nagamatsu obliged and scored a trademark header to record the only goal of the game.

The game ended with a flashpoint, a late Metro tackle led to chaos only seconds before the visitors were awarded the three points despite a sub-optimal showing.

WT Birkalla 0

MetroStars 1 (Nagamatsu)

Photo - Chris Kelly


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